//Enjoying your work as much as we do?

According to the traditional saying, business and pleasure should never be mixed. Of course we at the RK safetec know that, but we still continue on a daily basis to strive towards a work-life balance. Because we are a family-run business, we are aware of the importance of family and know that only truly satisfied employees deliver outstanding performance.

At the RK safetec we create an environment for development. Irrespective if it is a career as specialist or in management. We furthermore also believe that entrepreneurial thinking is not only management’s responsibility, but in fact every individual’s personal responsibility to help contribute towards the team’s success.

Careers are fulfilling – but a fulfilled personal life is important too. We try to maintain a healthy work-life balance through flexible work hours or home-office arrangements. And returning to the subject of joy at the workplace: in the RK safetec we not only celebrate success, but sometimes just the fact that we are a really good team! Perhaps you would like to celebrate this with us next time?