//About us

RK safetec GmbH was established in 2011 to focus on tailor-made safety solutions for complex construction sites, in particular tunnels.

RK safetec has its origin from two companies - Rhomberg Bahntechnik and K.E.M. Montage, which as joint venture completed several major tunnel safety projects and proprietary developed systems (ZOKA). This has led the partners to combine their know-how and establish a separate company, RK safetec GmbH to fully exploit the competence within the 2 groups.

RK safetec is built on experience, with Rhomberg Bahntechnik and K.E.M. Montage forming an expert partnership for many years, serving in the field of construction. They were responsible for the safety system used during the construction of the Northern Probing Tunnel (Sondierstollen Nord) which forms part of the Brenner Base Tunnel as well as at the northern approach to the Brenner Tunnel (Zulaufstrecke Brenner Nord). They furthermore also supplied electricity and all lighting required at the entire construction site of the northern approach to the Brenner Tunnel. These projects are amongst the largest tunnel projects in the world. Due to the complexity and size of these construction sites, higher than normal safety management standards were required to execute the projects.

The demand for tailor-made solutions increases as the size and complexity of construction sites (in particular tunnels) increase. The wide range of services from RK safetec GmbH addresses these requirements in a cost-efficient and technically optimised way and are now being offered not only to the railway industry, but also to major construction sites in general.